Jack Communicates

I think it is awesome that God has given Jack ways to communicate even though he does not have words. It is the same awe I had when I worked at Easter Seals Camp Harmon some 9 years ago. It was there that I met a dear friend of mine,Tanja, who had severe Cerebral Palsy. Tanja did not communicate with spoken word, but she had a number of other ways that she could tell me her preferences and desires. She used her head wand to point to letters in the alphabet to spell out words. She used her eyes to point to things. She used facial expressions such as eye rolls and smiles as well as groans and small movements to nudge toward things. By the end of the week, I knew how Tanja liked to be positioned, when she was excited, and even what she found annoying. And she never spoke a word to me.

Since being a Mama, I feel like I have to find other ways to communicate with Jack so that I can figure out his preferences and desires as well. At times, this can be exhausting and defeating. Until Jack was 2 months, he cried every evening for hours. Nights were also often filled with tears. However, as time has progressed, we have learned how Jack communicates when he is not feeling well or still hungry. Understanding that crying is one way of communicating to us helps in those desperate moments.

I praise God that he gave my little guy ways to communicate such as his precious facial expressions, distinct cough cry, and not so discrete wiggles that tell me what he needs or doesn’t need each moment. How our Lord provides for us at all ages of our life.



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