Tiny Things: Practical Baby Buys

After 13 months, I wanted to compile a short list of the baby items that have really made #momlife easier. I talked with Jon about these, and he confirmed and added a few of his own.

  1. Wipeable changing pad cover. I registered for a few cute cotton covers, but after 3 days I wanted something more practical. I was up for any way I could downsize the amount of dirty laundry I was accumulating. This cover can be easily cleaned with a wipe or washcloth.
  2. Baby Oxiclean. A friend of mine opened my eyes to this amazing little tub. I could now save the cutest, tiny onsie that looked an unrecognizable mustard yellow. ** If you are hesitant about using these chemicals in your wash, check out this  homemade stain remover. It’s amazing and works even after you have panicked washed 3 times.
  3. Jon and I decided that we wanted to make our own baby food, and I am in love with anything glass. I have liked everything about these precious little jars. Easy to clean, compact, and great price!
  4. These Aden & Anais swaddle blankets ended up being perfect for anything. I used them for a quick nursing cover, tied them to his carseat to block the sun (they actually make one for that now), makeshift picnic blanket, etc…
  5. Honest Hand sanitizer (Sweet Orange)– These tiny spray bottles were easy to pack, smelled so comforting, and seemed safer than other sanitizer’s on the market.
  6. I am not sure what we would have done without a NoseFrida. Despite many comments of disgust from our family. This little snot contraption was with us through many rough nights.
  7. This OXO Tot Bib has been very helpful since Jack started eating solids. It catches everything for the second round, and I really like the cloth material around his neck. It makes it stand out from other bibs like it.

What are your most practical baby purchases?




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