What we’re Diggin’

I love when the blogs I follow write a post about what products, books, and shows they are into this season. So, I thought I would post some things Jon and I are into these days.

  1. Like-to Know– You can follow styles on Instagram and then get sent information regarding each piece of clothing in the post. The prices for the items are never outrageous, and it really helps me figure out what key items I want to add to my wardrobe. (This is definitely a me thing, not Jon.)
  2. We are loving all things curry. Here is one of our favorites.
  3. TinyBeans– This fun app lets us post pictures and videos every day. It has been a helpful way to keep the Grands in the loop!
  4. Jon and I have done some major traveling stateside over the past three months: St. Paul, MN, Edisto Island, SC, Raleigh, NC, Georgia, Brekenridge, CO, Lynchburg, VA, U.S Virigin Isalnds, and San Antonio,TX. Skyscanner and Hopper have been really helpful apps to aid in our search for the cheapest fares. Hopper also predicts future ticket prices and allows you to set alerts for different trips.
  5. Wild China- This has been our go-to Netflix documentary after we put Jack down.
  6. Call the Midwife- This has grown to be one of my favorite shows during the afternoon. I am sure going to miss cuddling up and feeding Jack on rainy afternoons and watching Chummy and the gang. These stories have hit so close to home during this new season of Mamahood.
  7. National Parks Adventure– Since watching this Imax with Alex and Cassie in September, a strong sense of adventure has been kindled. We have also downloaded all the songs from the soundtrack which make for the perfect road trip playlist.
  8. Skillshare– I took a free course on how to take RAW images, and it was so helpful. They have courses on just about everything. I want to have a skillshare party soon!



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